...the sound of pigeons on the Champs-Elysées

A Random Event Production

It has been ten years since Merlin, my son, claimed the Throne of the Courts of Chaos. With the truce between the Pattern and the Logrus, it has been a time of peace between the two great powers and their kingdoms.

Time that has finally allowed me to return to the Pattern I drew to the sound of pigeons on the Champs-Elysées, and find out what had happened to the limb of Ygg that I had planted there.

The answer? Much had happened.

I returned to find a kingdom of my own had sprung up, with many thousands of years of history, just waiting for their King Corwin to return. So here I sit in Carlyon, the City of Lions, capital of Léonois. It is no Avalon, but I no longer need it to be. I am content with what I have here.

It is for this reason that I invite you, family and friends, to my home, to help celebrate 10 years since my return, and to celebrate 10 years of peace in our Universe.


A single session systemless freeform for 16 to 24 players by Random set in the world of Roger Zelazny's Amber after both series.

Adult Content   M - Contains Adult Themes 
Characterisation   3 
Genre Knowledge   2 - Roger Zelazny's Amber Universe 
Seriousness   3 

Character List


♂ Random: King of Amber, husband of Vialle, father of Martin - Orange, red and brown

♀ Vialle: Blind Queen of Amber, Wife of Random, Lady of Rebma - Blind but beautiful

♂ Benedict: Son of Oberon, Master of Arms of Amber - Orange, yellow and brown, with a mechanical silver arm

♂ Bleys: Son of Oberon - Red and orange, carrying a sword

♀ Fiona: Daughter of Oberon, Sorceress - Green and Grey

♀ Florimel: Daughter of Oberon, Lady of the House of Amber - Red and Green and Blue

♂ Gérard: Son of Oberon, Admiral of the Fleets of Amber - Blue and Grey

♂ Julian: Son of Oberon, Lord of Arden - White and Green, a tree

♀ Llewella: Daughter of Oberon, Sister to Moire of Rebma - Green hair, Green eyes. Colours of Green, Grey and Lavender

Kashfa - Shadow of Amber

♂ Luke: King Rinaldo of Kashfa, Husband to Coral, Son of Brand, Grandson of Oberon - Green, a phoenix, carrying a sword

♀ Coral: Queen of Kashfa, Daughter of Oberon, wife of Luke - Green, a pheonix, wears an eyepatch on the right eye


♂ Corwin: King of Léonois, son of Oberon, Father of Merlin - Black and Silver, a rose and a lion, carrying a sword

♂ Gresh: Prime Minister of Léonois, second in command to King Corwin - Black, White and Tan, a Lion

♀ Morgaine: A Lady of Léonois - Gold and White, beautifully dressed

♂ Rinaldo: Looks like Luke - Green, a phoenix and a lion

Courts of Chaos

♂ Merlin: King of Chaos, son of Corwin and Dara - Grey and purple

♂ Mandor: Lord of Chaos, advisor to King Merlin - Black and White, stylishly dressed, carrying three dark steel balls in his gloved hand

♀ Dara: Lady of Chaos, Mother of Merlin - A shapeshifter, anything she likes

♀ Rhanda: The Shroudling Queen - Black, white or red, especially blood-red


♀ A Teenage Woman: Young and headstrong - Black and Silver, fasionably dressed

♂ A Young Man: a visitor - Looking rushed, dressed for function not form

♂ Martin: Son of Random, a talented musician - Punk with a mohawk

♂ Delwin: Son of Oberon - Brown and Black, like unto Sand

♀ Sand: Daughter of Oberon - Pale Tan and Dark Brown, like unto Delwin