Back in the Biz...

A Random Event Production

In the early 50's NightKat and BigDog were well know and well respected names in the Seattle scene.

NightKat was a master sneak thief. She could get anything from any where, leaving no one the wiser as to where it went. BigDog was muscle and steel, as good with the fist and sword as he was with the pistol and machine gun. Together they made an unstoppable team.

In '54, they disappeared. Officially they died while making an attempt on a Shiawase bio-tech research facility, but no one believed it. Rumours spread like cut-price NERPS on the streets, but no one had any answers.

The year is 2070. Two weeks ago both NightKat and BigDog reappeared on the streets, on the run. Word is, they're back in the biz...

A Shadowrun Tabletop Roleplaying game for 5 or 6 runners.

Adult Content: M - Contains Adult Themes
Characterisation: 3
Genre Knowledge: 4
Rules Knowledge: 2 - Can be played rules light, or rules non-existant.
Seriousness: 2