Ball of Dreams

A Random Event Production

A Freeform for 24 characters

A globe drifts past, and inside you see a young girl in her ballroom best, dancing with the mysterious stranger.

Another drifts by, and this time you see a young man running the race of his life, pushing, stretching, reaching towards the finish line.

And another, an old woman presenting her young daughter to a handsome Prince.

And another, a man in expensive clothes, wearing jewelry and smoking a cigar.

And another, and another, and another...

There's more than one dream in the Labyrinth...

Ball of Dreams is a freeform set in the Ball Room of the Goblin King from the 1986 movie The Labyrinth. None of the existing characters from the movie will be available.

Beginner Friendly and Costumes are encouraged.

Character List

  • Ambition – Young man, athletic, driving.
  • Anger – Young man, strong-willed, physical.
  • Denial – Young man, artistic, scared.
  • Fear – Young man, timid, hiding.
  • Caution – Young woman, graceful, accommodating.
  • Foresight – Young woman, dreamer, floundering.
  • Need – Young woman, naïve, accepting.
  • Romance – Young woman, wishful, searching.
  • Chance – Middle aged man, eager, haphazard
  • Despair – Middle age man, tired, aged.
  • Destruction – Middle aged man, authoritarian, structured.
  • Risk – Middle aged man, decisive, calculating.
  • Control – Middle aged woman, motherly, supporting.
  • Creation – Middle aged woman, cunning, lacking.
  • Desire – Middle aged woman, jaded, worldly.
  • Head – Middle aged woman, practical, wanting.
  • Heart – Old man, adrift, yearning.
  • Release – Old man, searching, pushing.
  • Sorrow – Old man, strong, brooding.
  • Thought – Old man, wise, laughing.
  • Hate – Old woman, empowered, forceful.
  • Innocence – Old woman, resilient, comforting.
  • Memory – Old woman, introspective, thoughtful.
  • Success – Old woman, settled, comfortable.

Previously run at Conquest 2006.