Dead Reckoning

A Random Event Production

University of California - Los Angeles Campus Internal Memo

To: All Students, Parapsychology Department, UCLA

From: Professor Cameron Winters, Parapsychology Department, UCLA.

Subject: Field Trip

All students intending to attend the field trip are to be at the loading bay in building C by 7:15 on Thursday morning so we can leave on time.

The field trip is optional, but will be worth extra marks for those who do it. We are intending to make a number of stops along the way, mostly at night, so you will probably want to bring pillows and blankets if you intend to sleep on the bus.

See you there.

A one-session freeform for 18 to 24 students and ghosts.

Warning: This game deals heavily with the concept of death, and as such may not be suitable for all players.

Costuming is appropriate for some characters.

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Dead Reckoning has previously run at Conquest 2005