Division of Labour

by Random Jones with Travis Hall and Nick Argall

But the Spirit of the Land survived. She breathed new life into the remnants of the dead world, and slowly, painfully, she nurtured new life amongst the rubble.

At first, the survivors lived so primitively that they could not even be called barbarians, but in Her care, they rebuilt, and regrew, and eventually needed Gods once more.

The Spark that can become a God was found again, and three were raised above. Over time more were found, and they too were raised above, in ones and twos, until eventually they numbered 12, each with their domains.

As civilisation became more complex, more domains needed governing beyond Her abilities, so more were raised, 12 in all, to join the 12 already above.

The old ones knew this to be true: each of Her chosen must have a domain, and each domain must have a Governor. Time is counting down, and decisions must be made.

A freeform for 24 potential Gods, 12 who have been there for a while, and 12 newly raised to the task.

This game shares themes (but not plots, setting or characters) with Tonight and Into the Darkness. For the full experience, play this one last.

Adult Content:
MA - Adult Themes
Genre Knowledge:
NA - All background information provided
Rules Knowledge:

Currently Scheduled for Arcanacon 2009.