Pathway to Eternity

A Random Event Production

In Ancient Egypt it was believed that when a person died, their soul was lead into the Hall of Judgement in Duat, where they were judged. Their heart was weighed on the Scales of Justice against the Feather of Maat, watched over by Anubis, with the results recorded by Thoth.

If their heart was weighed down by the sins of their life, then the demon Ammit ate their heart and they were forced to wander Duat forever.

However, if their heart was pure and lighter than the feather, then they were taken to Osiris in Aaru and placed on the Pathway to Eternity...

A Freeform for 12 to 18 set in Ancient Egypt. Costuming is appropriate, and awards will be given.

Adult Content:
MA - Adult Themes
Genre Knowledge:
1 - Knowledge on ancient Egypt is helpful
Rules Knowledge:

Previously run at Unicon 2005


The Pharaoh
Sef - The Vizier
Jendayi - Sef's Wife
Menefer - A Royal Scribe
Upton - Captain of the Guard
Zesiro - A Guard
*Godana - A Guard
*Polo - A Guard
*Katungi - An Architect
*Ilo - A Servant
Sagira - A Serving Girl
Chione - A Concubine
Sanura - A Female Dancer
Aziza - A Female Musician
Anwar - A Dancer
Duka - A Musician
*Zalika - A Priestess
*Kenyi - A Traveller

* Characters marked thus will not be available unless more than 12 players.