Friday Night Poker Club - Arkham Asylum Edition

"Ok ladies, gentlemen and the few we're still not sure on...
"The director has locked himself in his office and doesn't want to come out again, thanks Riddler, the guards are all asleep, thanks Joker. So, we should have a couple of hours of peace and quiet. So letís get the games under way.
"Oh, just a final note after last weeks debacle. Bets are to be made in the provided chips only. No betting with body parts, high explosives, drugs (recreational or otherwise) or sexual favours. Yes, I'm looking at you!
"Now, time to choose seating..."

Friday Night Poker Club - Arkham Asylum Edition is a poker game with a difference set in the world of DC Comics Batman. Knowledge of the Batman Universe is helpful to enjoying the insanity, but poker can be learnt as you go.

Beginner Friendly and Costumes are encouraged

Character List

The poker rules that will be used for this game can be downloaded in pdf format from here.

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