Friday Night Poker Club - Heroes Edition

It's just another day...

"Why are we here?"
"'Cause we have to be here."
"Why are we playing poker?"
"'Cause we're bored."
"Why Poker?"
"Because it's a fun game."
"Why are we playing poker here?"
"Because we are here and we are playing poker!"
"Why are there two Hiro's?"

Friday Night Poker Club - Heroes Edition is a poker game with a difference set in the world of the NBC TV Series Heroes. Knowledge of the Heroes Universe is helpful to enjoying the characters, but poker can be learnt as you go.

Beginner Friendly and Costumes are encouraged

Character List

Claire Bennet
D. L. Hawkins
The Haitian
Hiro Nakamura
Future Hiro Nakamura
Isaac Mendez
Matt Parkman
Nathan Petrelli
Peter Petrelli

The poker rules that will be used for this game can be downloaded in pdf format from here.

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