Seikyooiddi Bugaku

By Peter Strong, Nick Argall and Random Jones

"I can't believe they arrested the headmistress!"
"I can't believe they let her out."
"I can't believe someone has arranged a dance and invited several staff and students from the school, as well as the officers who arrested her!"
"I can't believe you thought you could get away with wearing red shoes with that dress."
"I can't believe two buses full of riot police came and closed the school down for a day while they searched all the buildings!"
"I can't believe you said that - been confusing your anxious nightmares with reality again?"

A Freeform for 22 to 25 individuals set in Peter Strong's Tokyo 2020. Costuming may be appropriate, however, we will not be held responsible.


Peter Strong is finally writing a Tokyo 2025 freeform (with help from Nick Argall and Random Jones). We can't believe it either!

Some notes: In response to players wanting to reserve more than one character, the writers plan to let people play this freeform more than once if they want. As a result, sessions will not include a debriefing.

You do not need to have played Special Mobile Unit, Yuu Section, Survo Ludus, Exanima Nocturna or Uchi to play this session, although characters from those games may be present. We have some outsiders who have in-character reasons to be ignorant of previous events. Similarly, you don't have to be familiar with Japanese culture, we have invited some foreigners.

Character bookings: Please contact Nick Argall (either via AON or email if you wish to book a character before the con, or if you want to confirm that the booking you made at Conquest 2007 will be honoured. Please give some indication of the kind of character you want when making contact.

Mik Bonsall clause: If there is a specific character from the setting that you really really (really) want to play, we will find a way to accommodate your wishes. However, we can't guarantee that you'll have any plot.

Adult Content:
MA - Adult themes, sex references
Genre Knowledge:
0 - Some however will be helpful
Rules Knowledge:

Previously run at Conquest 2008