The Ferryman's Fee

A Random Event Production

It has been three years since Professor Winters (Parapsychology Department, UCLA) took his students on the field trip that would change their lives. In those three years his students have not been idle, and have put their new found knowledge and abilities to great use.

Mid last year their efforts came to fruition, and the company of "Afterlife Solutions" was formed, with the express goal of assisting those who have died to solving the problems that still bind them to the living world.

Beyond all expectations, business has been brisk for the eight former students and their former professor.

However, when a letter arrived from one Jason Castor, owner of the building where their realisations occurred, imploring them for their help, they felt it was their duty to respond. And so, it's off on their first international assignment in London, a city drenched in history, and if the rumours are to be believed, ghosts!

The Ferryman's Fee is a Freeform for 18 to 24 living and dead.
It is a sequel to Dead Reckoning (Conquest 2005).
Knowledge of Dead Reckoning is not required however those who played the living in Dead Reckoning may wish to play the same character again.

Warning: This game deals heavily with the concept of death, and as such may not be suitable for all players.

Costuming is appropriate for some characters.