Herakles: Premiere Party

A Random Event Production

Welcome - The Legend of Herakles - Characters - Costuming


Alicia Field
A young lady in her late 20's, played Deianeira, Herakles' last wife.
Elias Kristoff
A young man in his early 20's, played Iolaus, Herakles' cousin and best friend.
Elizabeth Eckelson-Butteridge
A beautiful lady in her mid 30's, played Megara Herakles' first wife.
Michael Hampton
A middle aged gentleman in his late 40's, played Zeus, ruler of the Gods of Olympus and Herakles' father.
Tracey Harding
A middle aged lady in her late 40's, played Hera, wife to Zeus.
Zeth Cartwright
A middle aged gentleman, played Herakles the hero of the movie.


Renton Callimedes
Rich Standish
Steven Mapplethorpe Jr
Terrence Sullivan
Costume Designer


Cynthia Braithwaite
A Reporter for a national Newspaper (Female)
Herman Smith
Television and Radio Reporter


Alberto Guiseppe
Film Investor
George Anderson
Studio Manager and Part Owner
Imani Gendries
Egyptian Investor
Steven Mapplethorpe Sr
Executive Producer


Bella Teldana
A beautiful young Waitress
Bruce Dalrymple
Trudy Campion
Another beautiful young Waitress, not as beautiful as Bella
Wu Hung
Asian Waiter


Professor Anthony Richardson
A gentleman in his 30's, and the Arthurson Chair in Ancient Greek History at UCLA
Angelina Richardson
Anthony's Wife, also in her 30's
Barbara "Bunny" Sheldon
A Young, Single, Rich Socialite, looking for a good time
Darren Scrople
A Single, Handsome and Incredibly Rich Young man