Friday Night Poker Club

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"You in?"
"Yeah, umm, let me think... I bet five."
"I'll see that."
"Same here."
"Nope, fold."
"I'll bet five, and raise five."
"Oh, confident are we? I'll see that."
"Too rich for me, I fold."
"I'll see it."
"I think you're bluffing, here's my five to match."
"Chicken, I'll see."
"That's everyone then. We're seeing you, what you got?"
"Two pair, Aces and Eights."
"Dead Man's Hand, that's good. But my three Two's still beat it."
*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*
"Bugger. Guys, I'm being summoned, shouldn't take too long, see you in half an hour?"

"Bother", said Pooh, as Cthulhu rose from the Darkness...
A Freeform for eight evil entities, playing poker with the souls of millions in the balance.

Seriousness: Some.
Genre knowledge: Could be useful (talk to Random for more details)
Rules knowledge: This game involves playing Poker. If you don't know the rules they are on the website, or available from Random before hand or at the convention.
Adult content: Contains Evil.
Characterisation: Vital!

Costumes Encouraged.

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